Study of Ethnomedicinal Plants used by Migratory Shepherds in Renuka Forest Division of District Sirmour (H.P.) Western Himalaya


Author(s): Radha, Sunil Puri

The present study was carried out during 2017 to 2018 to obtain the information on ethnomedicines used by migratory shepherds in Renuka Forest Division in district Sirmour of Himachal Pradesh in western Himalaya. Renuka Forest Division lied in between 30° 52′ 16′′ to 30° 31′11′′ N latitudes and 77° 17′ 34′′ to 77° 47′ 38′′ E longitudes. Shepherds migrate in the month of July from their originated villages to Sirmour ranges (low hills). The geographical area of the Renuka Forest Division is 1018 km2. The whole range of Renuka Forest Division is hilly and varies in elevations from 620 to 3647m msl. Most of the tribal population lives near to forest area and they use various plant species for their basic needs such as food, fodder, wood and medicines to treat several diseases. Importance of wild medicinal plants in traditional healthcare practices provides clues to new areas of research. The present survey is focused on the traditional uses of wild medicinal plants by migratory shepherd. Information on wild medicinal plants of the present survey has been gathered through personal field visits, interviews, discussion and through pretested questionnaire. A total of 21 medicinal plant species were reported viz., Cannabis sativa, Rhododendron arboretum, Vitex negundo and Zanthoxylem armatum, etc. are the commonly used species. It was recorded that herb species were markedly high (12) followed by tree (5), shrubs (3) and climber (1). This survey can help as baseline data on wild medicinal plant species and could be helpful in conservation of this significant resource as well as traditional knowledge of migratory shepherds in study area.

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