Species Biodiversity and taxonomy


Author(s): Kupozulu Swuro, Bilal Ahmad Wani and Khursheed Ahmad Wani

Biodiversity and taxonomy are closely related and
are dependent on each other. Biodiversity can only
be determined by having a vast knowledge about
the taxonomy. On the other hand, selection of
proper sampling methods is important to scrutinize
the diversity of a particular group of fauna in a
particular habitat. Insects being the largest group
of animals, hence a large number of sampling
techniques are employed for their collection.
Among various sampling techniques sweep net,
light trap, pitfall trap, Winkler sampling and
malaise trap are common and very effective for the
collection of different insect groups. Among the
above mentioned insect collection methods
Malaise trap is commonly used for the sampling of
low flying insects. In combination with other
sampling techniques Malaise traps have been
used widely for insect sampling.

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