Sirogonium sticticum (J.E. Sm.) K�tz. and Zygnemopsis scorbiculata P. Sarma & Kargupta from Hooghly in West Bengal, India


Author(s): N. Halder

In the present paper, two algal species viz. Sirogonium sticticum (J.E. Sm.) Kütz. and Zygnemopsis scorbiculata P. Sarma & Kargupta belonging to the family Zygnemataceae of the class Chlorophyceae have been reported for the first time from Hooghly district in West Bengal, India. These species are clearly different from each other on the basis of vegetative and reproductive characteristics. Both the species are filamentous and grown in ponds. One of the marked differences between the two species is that the former possesses straight and parallel chloroplasts while the later contains stellate chloroplasts in the cells of filaments. A study of the limnological profile and the relationship between water properties and distribution of these algal species has been assessed. Results of water analysis proved that temperature range between 24°C and 25°C, alkaline pH, DO with range of 6.6-7.0 mg l-1, slight higher COD values, lower total alkalinity, TSS, TDS, SO4 2- and nutrients values have a great impact on their seasonal occurrences.

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