Review on Odonate Diversity of Sahastradhara and DistributionElsewhere in Dehra Dun and Uttarakhand


Author(s): Akhlaq Husain

Present review deals with 53 species belonging to 35 genera 11families, 6superfamilies and 2 suborders under order Odonata,recorded earlier from Sahastradhara, north-eastern part of Doon valley, Dehra Dun with an update on their systematic account, sightingperiod, diagnostic features, measurements, distribution (elsewhere in Dehra Dun andUttarakhand), perching behavior, conservation status and threats.

Family Libellulidae is found to be the richest, having 43.40 % of species and its genusOrthetrumismost diverse, comprising 34.78% species. As regards conservation status, all the species(exceptOphiogomphus cerastiswhich fall under ‘Data Deficient’ category) fall under ‘LeastConcern’ Category of International Union forConservation of Nature (IUCN) Red list, which isgood indicationfor their survival, provided the habitats aresaved andsecured.

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