Review on Natural Aphrodisiac Plants and its Potential to Treat Sexual Dysfunction in Male Albino Rats


Author(s): Dinesh K. Dabhadkar*, Varsha Zade**, Ajay Charjan*** and Vaibhao G. Thakare*

In the review, we have discuss the current research done on the most popular natural aphrodisiac agent of plants origin and also examined the weight of evidence to support the use of any of these substances to enhance sexual function in male. A variety of natural sex drive enhancing agents of plants origin are known to have a potential effect on the sexual dysfunctions, supporting older claims and offering new hopes. The available synthetic drugs and treatments have limited efficacy, unpleasant side effects and contraindications in certain disease conditions. The present review, describes the detail information about the major constituents and their medicinal importance found in naturally occurring plants, which are helpful to further development of pharmaceutical formulations. In the present investigation total 3 plants were examined for their aphrodisiac activity in male albino rats as claimed by tribal of Yavatmal and Amravati districts.

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