Preliminary Phytochemical Screening of an Endemic Plant Nothopegia heyneana Gamble (Anacardiaceae) in Southern India


Author(s): R. Mohanraj* and S. Karuppusamy

This study is aimed to investigate the phytochemical screening of different solvent extracts of leaves and stem bark of Nothopegia heyneana (Anacardiaceae). The results revealed that the presence of saponin, sterols, carbohydrates, tannins, proteins and flavonoids in the test extracts. Further quantification of total phenol and flavonoids from different solvent extracts of stem bark showed that high content of phenol (101.6 μg GAE/g) and flavonoid (67.34 μg Rutin/g) in ethanol extracts respectively. It confers the endemic plant possessed to have a rich source of phytocompounds for therapeutic properties which could be isolated and characterized for further development of safe medicine

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