Periodate oxidation of Ceiba pentandra and Morus nigra purified non-cellulosic polysaccharides


Author(s): Yogesh Kumar Walia* and Dinesh Kumar Gupta**

Periodate oxidation reaction is used in carbohydrate chemistry and is also applicable to wood polysaccharides. Periodic acid is mainly capable of cleaning alpha and beta glycols quantitatively from wood polysaccharides. Compounds containing an aldehyde or ketonic group adjacent to an alcoholic group are also attacked by periodic acid in similar manner as glycols. The estimation of the periodic acid used and the formic acid or formaldehyde produced will indicate the number, in pairs, of free oxidizable groups (-CHOH, -CHO or =CO). Since periodic acid can easily be estimated volumetrically, oxidations with H 5 IO6, or HIO4 .2H2O are very useful in analytical chemistry.

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