Nanophytomedicines: A Novel Approach to Improve Drug Delivery and Pharmacokinetics of Herbal Medicine


Author(s): Rohit Sharma, J. Hazra, P.K. Prajapati

Novel drugs delivery systems, formulations from plant actives and extracts are still a matter of thrust and hot cake among the current researchers. Nanophytomedicines are prepared from active phytoconsituents or standardized extracts. In this area, novel delivery systems such as polymeric liposomes, colloidisomes, aquasomes, ethosomes, niosomes, proliposomes, phytosomes, nanoparticles, nanocapsules, nanoemulsions, microsphere and transferosomes have been proven to be a better carrier for delivery of the phyto-constituents by recent researches. Due to improved bioavailability, protection from toxicity, enhanced pharmacological activity, better stability, improved tissue macrophages distribution, sustained delivery, and protection from physico-chemical degradation, novel delivery systems are more suitable delivery system in compare to the conventional systems. Present paper attempts to spotlight recent trends or approaches in development of nanophytomedicines.

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