Microfungi isolated from Water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) compost


Author(s): SK Jha and LB Thapa

Water hyacinth is considered as the worst invasive alien plant. One of the methods tocontrol andmanage this species is utilization in the form of compost. The aim of this study was toisolate microfungi involved in decomposition of Water hyacinth.Compost was prepared usingmixture of Water hyacinth and garden soil. Fungi in the compost were cultured, isolated andidentified. A total of 10 species of fungi were identified from the generaAspergillus,Fusarium,Trichoderma,Mucor,PenicilliumandVerticillum. Trichodermawas the most frequent genusamong the fungi species identified. It indicates that these fungi are the important decomposersinvolved in the Water hyacinth composting activity. Application of these fungi could enhance thecompost quality and the utilization of Water hyacinth as compost would be one of theeconomically feasible method of controlling and management further infestation of this invasiveweed.

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