Historical Development of Genetic Divergence by Radiomimeticagents


Author(s): Dheeraj Vasu

The radiomimetic agents like, EMS (Ethyl Methane Sulphonate), MMS (MethylMethane Sulphonate) and MES (Methyl Ethane Sulphonate) induce physiological and geneticchanges in the plants.Mutagens have remarkable possibilities of improving plants with regardtotheir quantitative as well as qualitative characters. As a result of progressive in understanding therole of induced mutations, a number of economically useful mutant varieties have beencommercially released. A rapid growth in the field of genetic divergence by Radiomimetic Agentshas been witnessed in the late era of twentieth century that has bought revolution in theagricultural productivity. The paper reviews the historical development of genetic divergence byradiomimetic agents.

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