Contribution of Chakrapani Datta on Charak Samhita in the context of contemporary development of medical knowledge and clinically significant terminologies


Author(s): Dipsundar Sahu, Rohit Sharma, Gopal C Nanda, Debojyoti Das, Saroj Debnath, Jayram Hazra and Dr Nabanita Chakraborty

In the ancient period Charaka Samhita was the best medical treatise and was written by the high intellect medicos who were classically followed by the then medical practitioners because of his classical validity and effectiveness. In due course of time, quality of the degree of medical personalities was degraded as a result of which it was required to explore the nut shell keys. Chakrapani Datta had tried to magnify of the encapsulated keys with his profound clinical observation and discovered the treasures of Charaka Samhita with its stalwart commentary by synchronizing the scattered thoughts of Charaka Samhita. No study has yet been carried out in respect to specialty wise thoughts written by Chakrapani Datta and therefore this work will important inclined the Ayurvedic practitioner to achieve the knowledge in specific. The current report is therefore focussed to search the terminologies in the writings of Chakrapani Datta having clinical importance and to evaluate the clinical contribution of Chakrapani Datta with special reference to Charak Samhita.

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