Comparative Study of Mitochondrial Genomes using 16srRNA in Different Apis sps.


Author(s): Isha Slathia and N.K. Tripathi

We present a comparative analysis of select mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) representing three Apis sps (Apis mellifera Apis cerana and Apis dorsata) order Hymenoptera in an effort to study a common set of genes and to understand the evolution of mitochondrial genome. A functional analysis of mitochondrial genomes was carried out using gene sequencing. Tocompare the similarity between closely related insect mitochondrial genome sequences phylogenetic comparisons of sequences were performed. LSU and SSU rRNA sequences were used to construct a phylogenetic tree to determine the relationship among four insect orders. LSU rRNA sequences yielded a tree with branching patterns reflecting the expected pattern as insect species belonging to different orders were put into separate clades. Based on the sequence similarity, insect species belonging to four different orders in general appear to be closely related. However, a comparative and functional analysis of Apis mitochondria sequences revealed differences in gene organization of mtDNA. Based on this study we conclude that, although the gene types are very similar across these species, significant differences in AT-GC content perhaps suggest multiple mitochondrial ancestors.

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