Angiospermic Plants of Terai region, Uttar Pradesh, India


Author(s): K. K. Khanna

The paper deals with an account of angiospermic plants occurring in terai region, Uttar Pradesh, India. The results have indicated that a total of 1753 species and 40 infraspecific taxa belonging to 845 genera and 165 families are found in the region. An analysis has indicated that Poaceae is the most dominant family and Cyperus is the most dominant genus in the region. Moreover, eight taxa are endemic while 110 taxa are rare in the region. In addition, 10 species viz., Illicium griffithii Hook.f. & Thomson, Cyperus cephalotes Vahl, Cyperus pulcherrimus Willd. ex Kunth, Fimbristylis aphylla Steud., Scleria annularis Steud., Scleria terrestris (L.) Fassett, Coelachne simpliciuscula (Wight & Arn. ex Steud.) Munro ex Benth., Echinochloa picta (J.Koenig) P.W.Michael, Eragrostis patula (Kunth) Steud. and Oryza minuta J.Presl ex K. Presl are reported as new records for the state of Uttar Pradesh.

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