Airborne Microbial Population in Different Health Care Units of Dehradun City


Author(s): Rabia Quadir, Pallavi P. Chauhan, Irfan Rashid Sofi

Contamination of environment due to microbes has become a serious problem nowadays. In recent years hospitals have become a medium for transmitting infectious diseases because of the patients infected with pathogenic and communicable diseases. This study was focused at the isolation and identification of airborne microorganisms found in the different wards of two different hospitals, one private and one Govt. hospital at morning and evening time. The study was carried out using “exposed plate technique”. The samples were collected during the winter season (Jan – March 2013) and summer season (April-June, 2013). Plates containing culture media were exposed for half an hour in the different wards, after which plates were incubated at 24°C for 24 hours or 48 hours for bacteria while fungal plates were incubated at room temperature. Results obtained from this study showed that maximum microbial population was observed in Govt. hospital than Private hospital.

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