A Perspective on Integrated Disease Management in Agriculture


Author(s): Abhay K. Pandey*, Satish K. Sain** and Pooja Singh***

n this review we have described the history, biotic and abiotic stress of plant disease, types of plant disease, and its integrated management. The history of plant disease management is showing the traditional, chemical and integrated approach for the plant disease management. The abiotic means environmental factors while biotic includes microbes, phanerogamic plants, viruses, nematodes etc. These abiotic and biotic factors cause several diseases in plants like necrotic symptoms, abnormal growth and development of plant tissues, gummosis, wilting, rust, mildews etc. A number of factors responsible for the transmission of these diseases, they are described under this chapter. Besides, disease triangle and disease cycle are also described. Furthermore, disease diagnostic procedure has been given in fragment of sample collection method, sample submission method etc. Integrated disease management has been described here which comprises cultural, physical, mechanical, genetic, biological and chemical. Institutional, sociological, economic and political constraints in integrated disease management are also mentioned.

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